Baboons take turns yelling at IRS from Treasury Chief at House Financial Services Committee. There is so much more to discuss than “When did you know”?

This was just plain weird!  GOP, Tea Party simply asking Jack Lew the same thing over and over and over!  When did you know.  He’s trying to tell House Financial Services Committee about the processes, the investigation and actions taken like getting a new Commissioner, etc.  and he’s talking to . . . Rep. Sean Duffy.  Duffy is yelling at him and saying “when did you learn”, “when did you learn”?  “Answer my question!”  This has been going on for over an hour!   He appeared on Wednesday before this committee.  The republican/teabag attack is the most lowbrow, offensive, embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen.  These guys don’t want to know anything about the IRS; they are not going to learn anything about the 501 C  (how an organization becomes exempt); they are not going to learn anything about anything.  WOW!!!!
I know these guys are desperate to get a scandal but this is really so dumb.  I hope foreigners aren’t watching.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!   The guy has been answering questions and giving intelligent answers that one wants to hear from this very qualified, very impressive individual who has been in such important top positions, is a wizard and is our new Treasury Chief!  Well he’s answering smart questions that are coming from adult, interested, serious representatives–every other question that is–Democrats and he are discussing Dodd Frank, small banks and an issue about them, banking and IRS reforms being made . . . . . The republicans and teabags are just ranting and shouting “answer yes or no”; no questions . . . . . he gave the timeline an hour ago and again and again!  These guys are simply engaging in their usual Verbal Masturbation!  I wish Lew would just start laughing at this baloney.   What the foo faa fah?    These guys shouldn’t keep pressing this issue.  They are really bringing attention to their real problem, what they are really crying about: they simply won’t allow the most wealthy, greedy, least productive and least caring 1% to have to pay taxes: god forbid.  Hell, they are the very ones who don’t pay, won’t pay, hide their money in other countries!  Good grief, if they were to try to read the vague rules now existing for these Citizens United , 501 C organizations that have flooded the IRS since the stupid law came that lets them be tax exempt with little to no public service benefit (just political teabag and other party operations, liberal too I’m sure), naw they won’t, can’t, just want to be flame throwing and stopping IRS too, stopping any progress, any governing any anything.   But really, a new blowhard I now have seen is this Sean Duffy dunderhead!  You should have heard Steve Peace crying . . . . . I hope IRS just writes the most clear 1-2-3 instructions to handle this morass of 501C filing so they can deny tax exemption to as many of the phony and suspicious groups as they can!  I hope they also start checking on and denying church tax exemption when their is politics going on at place of worship.  They have been really permissive and screw it:  It’s time to collect taxes and these traitors will really have something to cry about!