Still the 2nd

</NaBloPoMo November 2013>In 11 minutes it will be the 3rd of November.  I would have missed writing the next day after committing only yesterday to write every day of November at “Noma. . . . ” something like that.  Well there’s plenty more I didn’t do today.  It was a day of just remembering.  While walking Solo I passed the unit with the surfboard like decoration over a window with Pittsburgh Steelers carved into it.  To be from Pennsylvania.  It made me smile to remember what that was.  Of course I knew what it was to be from Philadelphia, not Pittsburgh but I remember elementary school, when I learned Pennsylvania was one of the three mid-atlantic states as New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania were called.  Those three had as much population as the rest of the country, at least back then in 1961 or ’62.  So it was pretty ordinary back to be from Pennsylvania I thought back then.  I remembered thinking that.  When we came back in from the walk I was in my bathroom and I remembered other houses, visiting both Grandma’s houses on weekends, staying over at Grandma Minnie’s house one night.  Cindy and I slept in Grandma’s and Grandpa’s bedroom.  It was bright in there even though it was nighttime.  I liked that.  I knew the light was sometimes from cars going by and other light was just from other homes so close.  It felt so safe, no monsters or ghosts.  I liked the closeness of the city that was so different from the seperatness of the suburbs where I lived, where it was dark at night with the light off.


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