All right, I’ll write.

the first Nablopomo 4 me


<NaBloPoMo November 2013code>

Thirty days of something, anything will be good for me.  For almost three years I’ve been home from work.  First five months I was on admin leave after employer finally harassed and bullied me and drove me off the job.  I’d been given a fifteen day suspension on the 31st of January out of the clear blue sky.  It was like being a victim in a drive by shooting.  Sure, they’d been attacking me for two years pretty regularly, in a contrived and perverted way, making accusations that had nothing to do with actual work or anything other than their “work”, a campaign to agitate and create drama eventually to be able to document “progressive discipline” sufficient to suspend and terminate me.  But it would eventually fade for a while.  I worked and, like it or not, they needed somebody to work, somebody who’d been there long enough to know the work.  So much…

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